When it comes to power,then you remember a unique power webbing the whole nations;the U.S.Many are fond of its attractions;the outstanding skyscrapers,picturesque places,its so-called economical superiority,but to which price?The price lies with felling the green meadows sybolizing full-time peace to supercede a newly-defined peace caused by planting skyscrapers coming from not irrigation but from bleeding bloods.Bloods of innocence,Innocence of Muslims,innocence of the Jewish,innocence of the Christian,innocence of peoples from everywhere your memory serves;from its own people(9-11)to Afghanistan,Iraq,Iran,Vietnam,Both Koreas,Japan…

So think about it deeply.Is it really the interpretation of Liberty and Peace and Sovereignty the darned American so-called authorities are spamming about?

America is not just starting,it has started a millenium ago.Take a look at the list of wars  which the  afflicted U.S has involved!!!

For what?for power?for superiority?for reputation?Of course that's for reputation in order to leave a scandal on pedestal.When it comes to Vietnam war it's even for nothing it’s a junk goal to mess brotherhood,just to please themselves with a forwarding political system in the second gameround,to enjoy themselves?

When it comes to Korean war,we see it's for a nonesence goal; the cursed U.S help to build up a turmoil to make a childish play with thriller genre.How could it be possibile for these lovely Hanguls to run up at each other?Remember the days they used to call each other((Hyung))-brother-.For the time being with the bless of the lupine America,they are enemies so that they don't let each other to enter their country even for tourism.How is it possible to mascre their fellows?Its possible because there is a creature on behalf of America prone to turmoil.

Today,America's issue is not Islam,is not Mohammad(peace be upon him),the issue is its vanity,its vaccancy.America cannot stand seeing someone is presided,is right,is lovely,is attractive,is peace promiser.He cannot see Iran's improvement that's why it dares making movies like 300 to make its own ridiculous show.Those so-called celergymen cannot comply with their Lord's wishes,that's why they dare to burn The Holy Book of all humanbeings;Quran,they cannot survive by deceiving people that's why they make movies like Innocence Of Muslims.

But something more dreadful for the U.S is to answer why it dared to make such a disaster like September 11th?Your silence absolutely shows everything.9-11 disaster was a pretext to condemn Iraq as a terrorism advocate,to condemn Afghanistan for the same reason.But keep your shirt on!

Don't you think its not persuadable enough to condemn Iran?

In your new combat,take my advice;You either can ignite a new war by sacrificing your own people and call it 12-11the disaster or slyly start form defining God's Holy Prophet a "…" man.Yes,you are the kind of such people.By the way,when does it start again?I'm awaiting your answer.what? you say its coming soon!

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