In my opinion, the phrase pointed transfers multi-

dimensional points. Yes, in some cases you have nothing

to say as it goes right. As parents and grand parents say

in some condition like losing someone, encountering a

challenge you have been hurt etc. But you forget

something important which indicated the phrase goes

wrong. When it comes to the national identity

(history).Time doesn’t heal all wounds. We’d better say

time heals some wounds. Indeed, it’s a profound pain

pierced into hearts while there are people who let

themselves omit delightful gleanings from historical

books taught at schools. It’s a horrible torture seeing our

champions and heroes fall in the short-viewed minds of

awkward people. Unlikely, in the following years, you

have to expect this disaster:

A-Do you know who Cyrus the Great is?

B-What? What a kind of strange name it is!

A-What is the chronology of the Persian dynasties?

B-Prehistorians, the Arians, the Medes, the Arsacides, the


Where is the place of the Achaemenian?

 Maybe it is not needed!!!


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عکس خنده دار

عکس خنده دار جالب و دیدنی کلیه سوژه حتما به وبلاگم سر بزن از خنده رودبر می شی . در ضمن اگر دوست داشتی منو به اسم "عکس خنده دار" لینک کن و بهم بگو تا منم لینکت کنم.


عکس خنده دار جالب و ديدني کليه سوژه حتما به وبلاگم سر بزن از خنده رودبر مي شي . در ضمن اگر دوست داشتي منو به اسم "عکس خنده دار" لينک کن و بهم بگو تا منم لينکت کنم